how to impress a girl in 3 simple & effective steps

How To Impress A Girl In 3 Simple & Effective Steps

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How To Impress A Girl In 3 Simple & Effective Steps : ‘ How To Impress A Girl ‘ is a question that comes across a guy’s mind at various instances during his lifetime. To be quite honest ever since he started getting attracted toward’s the opposite sex. So lets look at the following tips on How To Impress A Girl. 

How To Impress A Girl In 3 Simple & Effective Steps


1. Look Smart & Be Confident

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Shabby clothes & messy hair only favor big time movie stars. So if you are not one then consider yourself getting a decent makeover. Secondly look into her eyes while talking. Mumbling & stammering won’t get land you anywhere. Express yourself truly & freely. Do not pretend to be someone you are not.

2. Do Not Act Like A Creep

creepy guy

Do not look beneath her face under any circumstances. Never stare at her body especially when she notices you. Forget about acquiring some knowledge of her past relationships & then surprising her with the rumors you have heard about her. ‘ How To Impress A Girl ‘ is not a difficult task. Just do not stalk her on every social media platform begging her to text you back. If she is interested she’ll do it on her own.

3. Aim For Only One Girl At A Time

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Perhaps this is the most under looked fact while trying to figure out ” How To Impress A Girl “. Believe it or not girls hate those guys who flirt around with every other girl out there. Do not ever think of checking out some other girl passing by in her presence as by doing so you could have already burnt 90% of the bridge. To be on the safe side do not even bring up the topic of some other girl . Compliment her , make her feel special , take her out on a date and make her believe that you feel amazing while being in her company . If you are not well off to do being a student then do have a look at Share Market – High Paying Part Time Jobs For Students Part 1.


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